flickering within ally mcbeal channel e4 came no wonder equal rights sounded tempting in the 20th century drifting long wave radio brain when working meant busting minor vertebrae over a field or watching your best fingers fly off inside a mill loom the idea of nestmaker probably sounded great how many takes did that take take now work can mean clacking round a designer suite relating and empathising and getting green lights and people on board and looking fabulous at the front line machinery as glamour is tolerable if the free spirit is somewhere anywhere but then you stop feeling it in utility club and hanger pub when you look at the show and see the scriptwriter's mind ticking we should all do a cultural reggie perrin down to the shore where there's no-one around I wonder why do the dog and pony show but act three will make you smile and I can turn the closed sign on this punk rock tea shop here's sparklingly popular but emotionally wind blown adult child mcbeal now christ crucified by her own role jesus a carpenter by trade ended up a strap-on to a rough old bit of chipboard suffering not for work but in it as you extend yourself you lose yourself you exist for others seeing nothing but the perception others have of your role and become reflection beauty of the tale is tragedy and warning mcbeal's work is to empathise understand then explain to the hard of heart she is cashmere soft in a mere hard/cash environment bad turn of phrase but poor lamb no-one is there to return that empathy and understanding except the viewer thereby turning us into the judge she so often pleads with she should throw a sickie that's not an anorexic joke she's spreading herself thin that's not an anorexic joke she gets laid alright sex as stressbuster gossip juicer but under the dancing whizz shiatszu frappucino place in the sun the stakes are upped I feel you ally you're a flattering reflection in your quest I'm not spoilt or cynical quite the opposite I want to hug and help but it might be taken as sexual that's the biggest irony sex is not the union what else is on tonight I often think it's a hideous gap between men and women