WHAT IS ON WEBSITE well it's to promote some songs called the Dog And I LAV DOG Pony Show and I LAV PONY and it's about Well there's no dogs or ponies on it but WHAT IS THE MUSICS there is Well its ahhh I've been thinking it might be about POLAND WE HAVE MANY PONIES two little lambs who dress as the inedible just to WHAT IS THIS WORD get out of an abattoir alive it means not for eating HA HA GOOD LAMBS GET OUT but they can never ever Oh God yes sure as hell they get out but never drop their disguise HA HA HE WRITE SONGS WITH LITTLE LAMBS but all they really want No there's no lambs or dogs or ponies, is to find a place MY UNCLE HE HAVE OSTRICH where they can Does he breed them or something Y'know drop BUT OF COURSE the disguise OH YES HE TEACH THEM TO PLAY FOOTBALL That's an urban myth or a rural myth NO IS TRUE I should say THEY'RE KICKING THE BALL inspired by YOU MAKE MUSICS a scene in a Walt Disney film THEY'RE KICKING THE BALL IS TRUE Yes it's on the Internet WHAT IS BAND CALLED No it's just graffiti The Dog And Pony WHAT IS GRAFFITI Show Well it's just there to say Look you I'm here IS SAD for a while Why TELL HIM ABOUT THE OSTRICH is it THEY'RE PLAYING FOOTBALL sad it's a complete myth that they NO I HAVE PICTURE do that. It's WHAT IS ADDRESS OF WEBSITE an acquired taste