23 Sept 2004. Jeez Louise, I have a virus. Currently up to my teeth in 'registry keys' and a world of WormStoppers, HardGuards and TrojanSplatters. Never want to see the letter x again - every hoodied uberdork in Dusseldorf feels to need to christen their sickness with it - pissnortonx.dll, xxxtastemygloom.dll.That said, drive-wipers usually choose the innocuous - clickhereforcoolstuff.exe - in much the same way as no-go housing estates often end up the 'Cherry Blossom Dales' etc.

11 Sept 2004. Testing 1 2. Jeez Louise, I have the internet. Plain nuts for a veteran address like this but I've always uploaded with friends connections. Drawing a line under the DPS (it's not really me any more, yet it refuses to change) and booking a new name. Pure fiction and far less the doolally fontopolis. Neither similar, nor fully nor wholly undissimilar. Possible song in the guise of 'The Nude Boys', co-writing with J-Li. Not sure how it'll pan but current listening: TV On The Radio, Ornette Coleman, 'Dusty In Memphis', the Nightingales back catalogue. "Even the big start small, kicking cans around the block.." Once threw Thomas Hardy at a bedroom window during English Lit revision, swearing 'Hysterics' came an awful lot closer to the full beauty of the English Language.

Combat memorabilia, LichfieldJodie and Coco, Finsbury Park

Deep Eden8th May 2004. Sitting up late, missing the creative muscle. This site is still visited - the less I write the more hits it gets, even. Cheers. Aim for uttermost blinkered discipline*, if going to go somewhere substantial. Rusty. Received an odd 'creative writing' brief last week, but rusty there. Rusty..

* Monday 10:00 am. White-sky Think Suite at 'L²' ('Urban Literary Solutions For A Breakneck Lifespace'), a converted butcher's unit, EC2. "Wassup, Micha. Busy 'end?" "Buff, chum, buff. Get up to Cargo?" "Hell. Patching Borgesian paradoxes into WebLogic. Just lost track o'the time."

Easter Monday, DonegalEaster Tuesday, Belfast