Near Bryant Square, just behind the libraryThe Empire State Building Observatory

Pole dancers at Trash, Don Hills. 'I Found That Essence Rare' by Gang Of Four. "Things all look a whole lot better for the working classes."Madison Avenue etc

Sunset from Brooklyn BridgeSaint Patrick's Cathedral

East Village purchasesJayne and  Pilch, Nolitas

"Look, I'll be straight with you. I don't do crack and I don't mug no-one, man. Could you help us out? I'll sing you Steely Dan for a dollar."The Bowery Poetry Club

WTC-less lower ManhattanThe Beauty Bar, East 14th Street

Hotel PeliroccoFir's Firework Anniversary

J-LiRoom 19

William KleinThe Hicks Milligan Prophecy

The Buffalo BarChristina Aguilera

7th November 2003. Sabbatical is turning into a gap year on here, as you've noticed. Not deliberate, trying to clear my mind of last fiction - which defeats the object of trying to write something memorable, I guess. More photos. Whoo. Going to New York for New Year. I've never been, so expect faux-CBGBs posturing or William Klein. Memories of the US are of running away and getting lost in San Francisco and playing with tarot cards in Las Vegas hotel rooms. Not the place for pre-teens unless you're into roulette, cocaine, hookers. And they possibly are these days.


Chez J-Li"Saa-rah Saaa-rah. At the end of the day I don't care. At the end of the day  I know I never called you a slag."

"Saa-rah Saaa-rah. Sit down, Sarah. Sit down and listen to me. You need to sit down. Listen to me. Are you listening, Sarah? Sarah, I never called you a slag."