Oppression by Naomi Klein. Eau De Parfum. 30cl.
Ah! There's nothing rarer and harder to capture and therefore more fitting for that extra special lady than the sweet juices found in the Asian musk deer and Ambergris from whale intestine. Until now.

We painstakingly collect the tears, wee and fear-vomit of Peruvian dissidents forced to play Russian Roulette after repeated prods with an electro-shock baton. Then, once the fatal chamber empties, we carefully distill these essences into a memorable fragrance that's guaranteed to make you feel it's your lucky day - all day.
"Earth Last" Hoodie. L, XL, XXL only
The planet. What a tosser. What a useless fucking mid-galactic loser. No saucy rings. One crap rock of-a-moon important only to, well, lunatics. Mere scratches of dramatic tundra and volvanic action to liven the watery ennui. But that's not all.

Nature has been out to get us ever since we got here. Disease, floods, habitual ice ages, quakes and predators. Protest and survive this blatant dictatorship - and persuade others toward direct action - with this attractive hooded top - spun finely with the hide and sinews of the black rhinoceros, orangutan hair and down from the Californian condor.

Order early and we'll include a matching set of hi-CFC aerosol fun guns.
Retro Anarcho-Punk Financial Services. Apply for rates.
Cocaine. Ketamin. Speed. For some, racking up fat lines of the stuff is the only white Christmas they need. Everywhere one goes, from chic VIP lounge to humble house party, there's more hoovering happening than an open day demo at a Dyson factory.

But this nasal feeding of the 5000 all-too-often comes accompanied with guilt and mental pictures of Columbian peasants floating face down in blood-tinged rivers with their teeth and fingers removed to prevent identification. It doesn't have to be this way.

Introducing Anarcho Punk Financial Services PLC. Once you switch from your existing credit line to us, you can choose from a wide selection of pleasing early 80s retro counter-culture designs.

Not only are they cutting edge alternative chic, and reveal that the holder is a liberal at heart even if they may be temporarily insane with coke greed. But they are also nosebleed wipe-easy and come with a low rate of APR.